1st January 2013


Allorent G, Tokutsu R, Roach T, Peers G, Cardol P, Girard-Bascou J, Seigneurin-Berny D, Petroutsos D, Kuntz M, Breyton C, Franck F, Wollman FA, Niyogi KK, Krieger-Liszkay A, Minagawa J and Finazzi G A dual strategy to cope with high light in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Plant Cell, 2013, 25(2): 545-557 Carraretto L, Formentin E, Teardo E, Checchetto V, Tomizioli M, Morosinotto T, Giacometti GM, Finazzi G and Szabo I A thylakoid-located two-pore K+channel controls photosynthetic light utilization in plants Science, 2013, 342(6154): 114-118 Dell’aglio E, Giustini C, Salvi D, Brugiere S, Delpierre F, Moyet L, Baudet M, Seigneurin-Berny D, Matringe M, […]
1st January 2012


Checchetto V, Segalla A, Allorent G, La Rocca N, Leanza L, Giacometti GM, Uozumi N, Finazzi G, Bergantino E and Szabo I Thylakoid potassium channel is required for efficient photosynthesis in cyanobacteria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2012, 109(27): 11043-11048 Dumas R, Cobessi D, Robin AY, Ferrer JL and Curien G The many faces of aspartate kinases. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 2012, 519(2): 186–193 Kuntz M Destruction of public and governmental experiments of GMO in Europe. GM Crops and Food, 2012, 3(4): 258-264 Kuntz M The postmodern assault on science. If all truths are equal, who cares […]
1st January 2011


Cardol P, Forti G and Finazzi G Regulation of electron transport in microalgae. Biochimica et Biophysa Acta – Bioenergetics, 2011, 1807: 912-918 Gaffe J, Lemercier C, Alcaraz J-P and Kuntz M Identification of three tomato flower and fruit MADS-box proteins with a putative histone deacetylase binding domain. Gene, 2011, 471(1-2): 19-26 Petroutsos D, Busch A, Janssen I, Trompelt K, Bergner SV, Weinl S, Holtkamp M, Karst U, Kudla J and Hippler M The chloroplast calcium sensor CAS is required for photoacclimation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. Plant Cell, 2011, 23(8): 2950-2963 Raspail C, Graindorge M, Moreau Y, Crouzy S, Lefebvre B, Robin AY, […]
1st January 2010


Bailleul B, Rogato A, de Martino A, Coesel S, Cardol P, Bowler C, Falciatore A and Finazzi G An atypical member of the light-harvesting complex stress-related protein family modulates diatom responses to light. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2010, 107(42): 18214-18219 Bailleul B, Cardol P, Breyton C and Finazzi G Electrochromism: A useful probe to study algal photosynthesis. Photosynthesis Research, 2010, 106(1-2): 179-189 Finazzi G, Moreau H and Bowler C Genomic insights into photosynthesis in eukaryotic phytoplankton. Trends in Plant Science, 2010, 15(10): 565-572 Graindorge M, Giustini C, Jacomin AC, Kraut A, Curien G and Matringe M Identification […]