12th December 2022

New Member ! Pascal Albanese

10th November 2022

New Member ! Nicolás Francés

16th January 2022

New Publication !

Diatoms are successful phytoplankton clades able to acclimate to changing environmental conditions, including e.g. variable light intensity. Diatoms are outstanding at dissipating light energy exceeding the […]
12th January 2022

New Member ! Héloïse Ancel

2nd November 2021

New Member ! Celeste Fiorenza

2nd November 2021

New Member ! Haythem Hsine

2nd November 2021

New Member ! Bao Nguyen

In a gap year at AgroCampus Ouest, Bao will, during his 4-month internship, work on the characterization of photorespiration in several species of plants.
10th July 2021

New Publication !

Endosymbioses have shaped the evolutionary trajectory of life and remain widespread and ecologically important. Investigating modern oceanic photosymbioses can illuminate how algal endosymbionts are energetically exploited […]
25th May 2021

New Publication !

Algae belonging to the Microchloropsis genus are promising organisms for biotech purposes, being able to accumulate large amounts of lipid reserves. These organisms adapt to different […]
25th March 2021

New Publication !

Galdieria sulphuraria is a cosmopolitan microalga found in volcanic hot springs and calderas. It grows at low pH in photoautotrophic (use of light as a source […]
9th March 2021

New Publication !

During photosynthesis, electron transport is necessary for carbon assimilation and must be regulated to minimize free radical damage. There is a longstanding controversy over the role […]
1st March 2021

New Member ! Dimitri Tolleter

Graduated from Paris, Dimitri went in all four corners of France and follow the sun to California (Stanford) or Australia (ANU). He has performed research across […]
19th February 2021

New Publication !

Eukaryotic phytoplankton have a small global biomass but play major roles in primary pro-duction and climate. Despite improved understanding of phytoplankton diversity and evo-lution, we largely […]
19th January 2021

New Publication !

This review focuses on key components of respiratory and photosynthetic energy-transduction systems: the cytochrome bc1 and b6f (Cytbc1/b6f) membranous multisubunit homodimeric complexes. These remarkable molecular machines […]
18th January 2021

New Member ! Serena Flori

Serena is a marine scientist with a particular interest in phytoplankton acclimation to environmental stress. She has worked in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, […]
18th January 2021

New Member ! Xue Zhao

Xue studied the epigenetic mechanisms and their correlation with morphology in the model diatom Phaeodactylum Tricornutum. Her scientific interest is to explore the inputs that drives […]
4th January 2021

New Member ! Jhoanell Angulo

Jhoanell is currently preparing the PLANTA international master’s diploma from the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA) and the Università degli Studi di Milano (UNIMI). For her master […]
4th January 2021

New Member ! Clémence Dupont-Thibert

Clémence is a new PhD student in the team ! The aim of her PhD will be first to develop modeling approaches to accelerate research at […]
16th April 2019


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16th December 2018


Allorent G., Byrdin M., Carraretto L., Morosinotto T., Szabo I. andFinazzi G.(2018). Global spectroscopic analysis to study the regulation of the photosynthetic proton motive force: A […]
8th December 2017


Gloaguen P.,Bournais S., Alban C., Ravanel S., Seigneurin-Berny D.,Matringe M., Tardif M.,Kuntz M., Ferro M., Bruley C., Rolland N., Vandenbrouck Y. andCurien G.(2017). ChloroKB:a web-application for […]
1st December 2016


Allorent G., Lefebvre-Legendre L., Chappuis R.,Kuntz M., Truong T. B., Niyogi K. K., Ulm R. and Goldschmidt-Clermont M.(2016). UV-B photoreceptor-mediated protection of the photosynthetic machinery in […]